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Guidelines for Designing a Mobile Website

September 14 2012 , Written by Michael pina Published on #Website Design, #Mobile Website, #Mobile Website Design

Before initiating website designing for mobiles you need to consider some factors. Mobile website is very different as compared to a desktop website. About 20% mobile users from the 5.9 billion mobile users would like to browse the internet through their mobile devices. This has made mobile web browsing the next internet platform to expand business. Hence, you need to pay attention to every element which you add to your mobile website. To create a successful website design, it is necessary to know who your visitors are. Users want information quickly and easily. Know what users want from a website. While designing a website, you will have to be aware that the website design used on a computer browser is totally different from the mobile browsers. To create web design for a mobile device, the designer must follow the W3C design guidelines for mobile website building. Making changes in your existing website design which is suitable for mobile devices is the most suitable way of designing a mobile web site. You need to change your website layout design, website structure, etc.

You need to consider a few points before designing for a mobile device:

  • Design a website which is responding quickly. Slow loading website loses its customers. Avoid images in website background as it takes long time to load website and reduces readability.

  • Place all important information on the top of the web page, like Clear navigation and better site search option. Surfing a website on a mobile is tedious work so create a design which is convenient for your users.

  • If a user has to zoom in on the screen to see where they want to navigate to the next, then there are chances of losing your customers.

  • Various mobile devices have different screen size, so designing a website which fits any mobile screen. Reduce image size and Resize images to small screen device. Design buttons large so it's easy to read and click on it.

  • Avoid using Flash on the mobile website. It slows down your website performance.

  • Some web browsers generate problems in displaying frames and tables; don’t use frames and tables in mobile website design. The better option is to use CSS instead of table and it’s easily loaded.

  • It's necessary that your website should be readable even on small screen mobile device. Hence, use a big and simple font that looks prominent.

  • Using unnecessary graphics on the website is useless. If you have any graphics which is unnecessary and useless then remove it.Just add simple and plain designs on your website.

  • Forms can be challenging to use on mobile phones. Entering text is tedious, offer your customers to use radio buttons and list box options, which they can select depending on what they need.

  • Not all browsers support plugins and extensions, design a website which doesn’t need any plugins and extension to display.

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