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5 Things to Keep in Mind to Design An Amazing Business Card

September 18 2013 , Written by Spinx Inc. Published on #Graphic Design, #Business Card Design

Most of us have observed that first impressions matter a lot, and a potential client meeting requires making a superb first impression. A wonderful business card helps you achieve that. Business card designs certainly have changed with changing times however their value in networking and branding is considerably huge. With numerous marketing tools to select from, it still remains as the most affordable & efficient option as well! Your business cards can help to enhance the image of your business by providing an effective professional look. All the professiona graphic design company like www.spinxwebdesign.com design a business card which fullfil the below business card design criteria which makes it more attractive and effective.

A right design style of card should be selected

5 Things to Keep in Mind to Design An Amazing Business Card

If you are a lawyer, you would prefer to have a serious sober design rather than having cheery graphics or colorful business card. It is advisable to select a design mode complimenting your brand & business. So once you start designing, keep in mind the kind of image that you want to project. You can make use of multiple styles available around. You can certainly use white & black to keep it basic & simple. Another way is to add photos or graphics. To offer a highly unique feel, some businesses even use metal or wood. Embossing lustrous shine, use of paper of high quality, or even matte finish, can give a remarkable appearance to your card.

Legible to read the text

For text to be readable, appropriate font size should be used. If the design of a card is too cluttered, the muddled mix of graphics and words could make the text illegible. Sizes of some fonts may appear OK on computer, but may look too small when printed.

Innovative imagination should be used

5 Things to Keep in Mind to Design An Amazing Business Card

For attracting focus immediately you need to think imaginative & innovative. Some businesses prefer to go one step further than a conventional business card design. They seek to be exclusive. Your brand gets noticed by certainly being different.

Cluttering of information should be avoided

When people put too much of contact information related to social media presence, what they do not realize is they are simply cluttering their card. Sometimes important information goes unnoticed due to an excessive amount of information cluttering. The result will be your cards will no longer look promising. Some individuals even conduct a mistake of incorporating their personalized e-mail addresses. This sends an unacceptable message that you'll be not specialist enough to have a separate business email.

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