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You Need an Inspiring Portfolio to Showcase Your Credentials

October 28 2013 , Written by Spinx Inc. Published on #Portfolio Design, #Portfolio, #Graphic Design

You must create a portfolio website that gives you the biggest advantages; you have to ensure that you build a dazzling one that will impress your clients and be an ideal place to put your finest creations on display. You need to showcase your web projects to become a successful web design company or freelancer. A website portfolio will be your credentials by which you will announce to the world what you are capable of doing. Thus you have to create an impressive one so that you can progress rapidly in the flourishing web design industry.

In this article I’ll give you some ideas on how to go about building a great portfolio website that will also contain your personal characteristics.

Easy Navigation

The navigation of your portfolio website is where it all starts and so clients must have a smooth, organized experience and get impressed at the outset. Visitors will be seeking info about your web design firm (or yourself if you are a freelancer) and so they should be able to easily access the pages that provide them with this information. A good way to ensure this is to build a hierarchal system where you divide the site into small sections by date and category. This will greatly facilitate your visitors’ navigation experience. You can also keep your navigation in a fixed place by using jQuery plugins – or CSS3 effects.

Direct Communication

People who visit your portfolio website will want to communicate with you quickly and easily and then get on with their other work of the day. Therefore your contact information must be firmly in place so that visitors can shoot off an e-mail to you without upsetting their schedule (or their mood!). Conventional contact pages are the best option but you can also try GTalk, Skype and MSN which are good for open communications.

Get Branded

Even when you are starting off in this line of work, you need to have a brand image to make an impact and get recognized. Branding in fact is an essential element of your portfolio website and so you must get onto one or two social media networks like Google+ and LinkedIn. Branding, as well as marketing, is essential to obtain positive searches for your services.

Showcase Related Works

You must not only display your primary works, you should enable your visitors to have a look at related pieces of standout designs that you have done. You must remove outdated websites that are still lying on your portfolio site, for example, and replace them with contemporary stuff. You could possibly have a special page where your featured sites can get a special place so that they attract eyeballs. As you can see in Spinx Inc.'s portfolio page, they beautifully designed their portfolio section, you can easily move around between portfolio pages which are related to each other.

Think Out of the Box

You have to think out of the box if you want to really stand out and attract visitors and clients. You should strive to become incomparable so people will have your website in their minds for a long, long time. For that you have to diversify; use plenty of illustrations and icons and other design elements that will make your site really shine!

Summing Up

Like any other website, you can’t achieve perfection with your portfolio site. It will be a chop and change exercise to a certain extent, especially when your skills get developed and new ideas sprout with time. So, no one element can be said to be the most important one; it will depend on the time and the occasion, on what is trending and what is not and several other factors. However, certain aspects will always remain the same, though techniques may change.

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