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You Need an Inspiring Portfolio to Showcase Your Credentials

October 28 2013 , Written by Spinx Inc. Published on #Portfolio Design, #Portfolio, #Graphic Design

You must create a portfolio website that gives you the biggest advantages; you have to ensure that you build a dazzling one that will impress your clients and be an ideal place to put your finest creations on display. You need to showcase your web projects to become a successful web design company or freelancer. A website portfolio will be your credentials by which you will announce to the world what you are capable of doing. Thus you have to create an impressive one so that you can progress rapidly in the flourishing web design industry.

In this article I’ll give you some ideas on how to go about building a great portfolio website that will also contain your personal characteristics.

Easy Navigation

The navigation of your portfolio website is where it all starts and so clients must have a smooth, organized experience and get impressed at the outset. Visitors will be seeking info about your web design firm (or yourself if you are a freelancer) and so they should be able to easily access the pages that provide them with this information. A good way to ensure this is to build a hierarchal system where you divide the site into small sections by date and category. This will greatly facilitate your visitors’ navigation experience. You can also keep your navigation in a fixed place by using jQuery plugins – or CSS3 effects.

Direct Communication

People who visit your portfolio website will want to communicate with you quickly and easily and then get on with their other work of the day. Therefore your contact information must be firmly in place so that visitors can shoot off an e-mail to you without upsetting their schedule (or their mood!). Conventional contact pages are the best option but you can also try GTalk, Skype and MSN which are good for open communications.

Get Branded

Even when you are starting off in this line of work, you need to have a brand image to make an impact and get recognized. Branding in fact is an essential element of your portfolio website and so you must get onto one or two social media networks like Google+ and LinkedIn. Branding, as well as marketing, is essential to obtain positive searches for your services.

Showcase Related Works

You must not only display your primary works, you should enable your visitors to have a look at related pieces of standout designs that you have done. You must remove outdated websites that are still lying on your portfolio site, for example, and replace them with contemporary stuff. You could possibly have a special page where your featured sites can get a special place so that they attract eyeballs. As you can see in Spinx Inc.'s portfolio page, they beautifully designed their portfolio section, you can easily move around between portfolio pages which are related to each other.

Think Out of the Box

You have to think out of the box if you want to really stand out and attract visitors and clients. You should strive to become incomparable so people will have your website in their minds for a long, long time. For that you have to diversify; use plenty of illustrations and icons and other design elements that will make your site really shine!

Summing Up

Like any other website, you can’t achieve perfection with your portfolio site. It will be a chop and change exercise to a certain extent, especially when your skills get developed and new ideas sprout with time. So, no one element can be said to be the most important one; it will depend on the time and the occasion, on what is trending and what is not and several other factors. However, certain aspects will always remain the same, though techniques may change.

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5 Things to Keep in Mind to Design An Amazing Business Card

September 18 2013 , Written by Spinx Inc. Published on #Graphic Design, #Business Card Design

Most of us have observed that first impressions matter a lot, and a potential client meeting requires making a superb first impression. A wonderful business card helps you achieve that. Business card designs certainly have changed with changing times however their value in networking and branding is considerably huge. With numerous marketing tools to select from, it still remains as the most affordable & efficient option as well! Your business cards can help to enhance the image of your business by providing an effective professional look. All the professiona graphic design company like www.spinxwebdesign.com design a business card which fullfil the below business card design criteria which makes it more attractive and effective.

A right design style of card should be selected

5 Things to Keep in Mind to Design An Amazing Business Card

If you are a lawyer, you would prefer to have a serious sober design rather than having cheery graphics or colorful business card. It is advisable to select a design mode complimenting your brand & business. So once you start designing, keep in mind the kind of image that you want to project. You can make use of multiple styles available around. You can certainly use white & black to keep it basic & simple. Another way is to add photos or graphics. To offer a highly unique feel, some businesses even use metal or wood. Embossing lustrous shine, use of paper of high quality, or even matte finish, can give a remarkable appearance to your card.

Legible to read the text

For text to be readable, appropriate font size should be used. If the design of a card is too cluttered, the muddled mix of graphics and words could make the text illegible. Sizes of some fonts may appear OK on computer, but may look too small when printed.

Innovative imagination should be used

5 Things to Keep in Mind to Design An Amazing Business Card

For attracting focus immediately you need to think imaginative & innovative. Some businesses prefer to go one step further than a conventional business card design. They seek to be exclusive. Your brand gets noticed by certainly being different.

Cluttering of information should be avoided

When people put too much of contact information related to social media presence, what they do not realize is they are simply cluttering their card. Sometimes important information goes unnoticed due to an excessive amount of information cluttering. The result will be your cards will no longer look promising. Some individuals even conduct a mistake of incorporating their personalized e-mail addresses. This sends an unacceptable message that you'll be not specialist enough to have a separate business email.

Image Courtesy: http://blog.spinxwebdesign.com/business-cards/

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Enhance Your Post Title to Engage More Viewers

August 7 2013 , Written by Spinx Inc. Published on #Content, #Social Media Marketing, #Marketing

Headline is one of the best and most effective places to attract readers to your post. In order to entice visitors, titles have to be amazing. You have seen many newspapers and news channel story headlines; they are very attractive, sometimes funny and effective.

One study of Moz reveals the details about what types of statements work best to attract persons to read articles. What amount of individuals will check an article with a query as its headline compared to other statements? Before we get into the real recommendations, let us go over what I mean to explain about the title.

A title will link to the article content. It’s what reveals in their feed as they are scrolling away. Don’t confuse between SEO Meta title and title, both are different from each other. The Meta title is what will appear in the tab label at the top of the browser.

Meta title is for bots while titles are for the individuals. Titles attract people and Meta titles tell the search engines which queries to have your article post appear in. You can set same content for title and Meta data, but not always! Your Meta title should contain the key phrases which people are typing into their search bars when they are looking for the details included in your content. Your title should persuade individuals that getting the details wherein will not be a pain.

Here I will give you some essential tips which should be considered while creating a title for your article post.

Spend Some Time Behind The Research

Your title should not be the last factor to consider when you are writing an article. Research says that 80% visitors don’t even get past the title, as they have made the decision that your article content is not worth reading, even though it might not be so.

The real amount might differ, but all you have to do is to go through your RSS feed or twitter and take a look at how much content you are moving up to check whatever it is, it’s fairly high. Hence, time invested improving and designing an amazing title is well worth it. You want to be part of that little content that actually gets research, and having an excellent title will help get you there.

Write Crystal Clear Title

My concern is: tell the facts about what your content is about. Viewers should know exactly what he/she is in for when he or she clicks on your article link, for example Click Here, when you create this type of article title, which is like a common question comes in users mind during web development, helps your content to get highlighted in user search results. The less uncertain you title is, the more likely a viewer is going to read it, for like in mysteries, make a headline title puzzling.

Add Number in Your Title

What really helps in using figures is that it also allows visitors to determine how much of your time and effort they will need to create if they want to research your article content. If they are very enthusiastic about a subject, they will want to research all the points of the article, but maybe they just do not have a lot of time.

One factor to consider: titles like ‘10 Methods to generate leads’ or ‘5 Things to Consider While Designing User Interface For Business Apps’ can sometimes indicate the author had either fluffed out their material to be able to get a fairly even number, while content with irregular figures stay better in a reader’s mind and also recommend that the author knows what she is referring to and thought up exactly that many factors of details.

Deal With the Reader

You, individuals, are very important and special. You are studying this article now and along with the many individuals online right now, you are the only one that matters to me. It’s awesome to experience value, is not it? For this reason, dealing with individuals in the title works. It signifies that you are involved about their difficulties and want to solve them by providing those details via your article.

Although most visitors are marketing savvy and know when titles are trying to impact them, there is no avoiding their unconscious in developing direct connection whey they are straight resolved.

Be Crazy in your Content, Or Understate It

Data indicates that more than 4 superlatives (best, most, biggest, extremely, etc.) can actually draw individuals in. I mean, if you are using 3 superlatives for an article title, it must be a really amazing article. The content should talk for itself, right? No one likes it when you post things that are half-baked, so prevent it.

Merge and Test

Feel free to mix and coordinate all the past recommendations to determine what is best for your viewers. It’s going to be tricky getting the same article at the front side of the same viewers with a diverse title, so maintaining an eye on diverse sites with diverse types of titles to check which gets more traffic might be of value. On the other hand, you can take one of your old posts, update it with a new title and check how it does.

At the end, what you have to ensure is that your title counts. It’s your first opportunity to get a reader’s restricted interest. Ensure it is countable.

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Applying Breakpoints in Web Development

June 26 2013 , Written by Spinx Inc. Published on #Web Development, #Breakpoints, #Web Development Company

Suppose you have selected three primary design guidelines from your thumbnails; just think about what your main breakpoints will look like? Try to come up with as little major breakpoints as possible. If a linear layout works for every display and is proper for your eccentric idea, then there is no need for diverse layout. In that scenario, just explain what will occur when the display gets bigger. Will everything usually remain the same, with changes only to typeface dimension and margins? For these modifications, create thumbnails first, discover some choices and then shift to bigger, more particular blueprints. Use your breakpoints chart as a detail and create blueprints according to the breakpoints you have approximated on your graph.

When you consider major breakpoints, make sure to think about device classes. If you are considering smartphones, smart devices like laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, you are going in the right way. If you are considering with reference to famous brand names and operating systems, then you are on the incorrect monitor. The concept is to think with regard to common device categories and device capabilities.

Rough blueprints of major breakpoints can help you determine:

  • Whether additional major breakpoints are needed or not.
  • Whether or not a fussy device class has been ignored or needs additional concern.
  • What technological innovations you will need to create the design responsively.

Consider Content while Sketching

While illustrating, you will be considering the manner in which aspects should look like. The more you illustrate this type the more you determine the structure of the components on the display. Consider content during the sketching process and think about what will occur to the content in diverse circumstances. When you are designing for responsive, you need to manage these essential elements:

  • Text
  • Navigation
  • Tables


While illustrating, there are lots of text related problems that you need to tackle like text size and width of column, both of which are appropriate to a percentage of the display size and other web page components.

It can be challenging to calculate how extensive a column will be with real text. In this scenario, illustrating on a device might give you a better idea of the real area you have to perform with. Or the other solution is to create a simple HTML page which contains only written text, and run that page into a device’s web browser. By seeing the text on the device screen you can get a better idea about what changes should be needed and after that you can modify the typeface size. Once it seems right, you will be able to create your blueprints a bit more genuine.

Don’t just consider the text size but also think about the space around them. These aspects play an important role in touchability and clickability of hyperlinks, large hyperlinks and control buttons are easier objectives; but small hyperlinks with a lot of space around them can perform just as well.

Website Navigation

Navigation is another important thing to consider while illustrating on real devices. The dimension problems are same as hyperlinks, but there happens to be a lot more considering doing it in terms of the navigation design for different devices. This indicates that navigation might modify considerably at every major breakpoints.

What to do if you have only plain HTML and CSS and no JavaScript. That indicates that you cannot have your menu flattened at the top of the screen display and have it drop down when somebody tapes it.

This is a questionable topic, with even availability experts in disagreement: JavaScript is currently regarded an “accessibility supported” technological innovation. But this is not actually about availability. It’s about considering what happens when a web browser does not have JavaScript assistance, or if the JavaScript available on the product is more diverse than what you would anticipate.

The best recommended design for navigation on the small screen is to keep it near the end of the screen display and put a link in that navigation near the top of the screen. When JavaScript is available and functioning as predicted, you can shift that navigation at the top and create the drop down menu on the fly.


Tables, an outdated fashion for web design! To display tables on the small device platform is very challenging. It’s good to think about these while you are illustrating.

Think about what kinds of tables you will be working with. Are they wide, narrow or textual? Once you have regarded these things, try to classify the kinds of tables you have into something like this:

Tables Work on Small Screen Devices: They are small enough and will perform better on small screen devices.

Blockable Tables: These can be modified with CSS so every table row features visually as a prevent item in a list.

Chartable Tables: These hold numerical information that can be modified into a graph, chart or other type of visualization which will occupy small space on small devices.

Tricky Tables: These are difficult enough to cope with and you will need to come up with a diversity plan for them.

With regard to progressive improvement, the base design should consist of the whole table which indicates that the customer will have to scroll horizontally to see the whole elements. Blockable and chartable tables can be obstructed with CSS and charted with JavaScript. A lot of web developers tried many diverse alternatives for tables, from developing the table itself scrollable to trading columns and rows.

What to do if you get lost

At a certain point every web developer gets trapped. Don’t worry about it. There are plenty of ways to deal with it. If your issue is that you are trapped creatively, there are many motivating guides and resources to get help. If your problem is that you are not sure how to deal with something in the perspective of responsive web design, there is no damage in exploring how others have fixed problems like yours. Just be sure to use your creativity and customize any concepts and you may discover your own situations. In spite of everything, you are a web designer!

For Best Web Development Services hire SPINX Inc. a Los Angeles based web design and development company located in Los Angeles who offers a wide range of Web Development Services.

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Vital Relationship Between Long Tail SEO And Your Company

May 27 2013 , Written by Spinx Inc. Published on #Long Tail Keyword, #Long Tail SEO, #SEO

Long tail SEO is the technique of focusing on longer tail search queries on Google. These kinds of words are usually over four words long and are generally used when the reader knows what they are searching for. For instance:

The smartphone – a very common keyword, which has lots of search volume, though is less likely to convert.

Samsung 5-inch screen Smartphone – long tail key phrase. The customer knows what they are searching for as well as the conversion direction.

How to Observe Your Present Long Tail Traffic

To check the variety of long tail search phrases you have, login to Google Analytics. Modify the timeframe to 12 months and navigate to: Traffic Sources > Sources > Search > Organic.

If you go at the end of the web page and modify the variety of keywords and words to 20, then go to the URL and alter Count%3D20/ to Count%3D4000/. It will show 4000 rows which is enough. If it’s not, then just up that variety to take care for the quantity of key phrases you have. Export this data file in a CSV and you will get a record with all of the details.

By focusing on customers that are further down the conversion direction, you don’t have to persuade them to purchase the service or item: you just have to persuade them to buy it from you only.

Implementing Long Tail SEO

Sounds easy? Not really! This kind of technique can only be effective if the fundamentals for the strategy have been set properly. The first factor, look at your head terms. Have they been focused correctly? I know you will study this and think, “But you just talked about the advantages of focusing on long key phrase queries?” Yes I did, but for that to actually perform to its highest prospective your strategy needs to have head terms for the web page which are properly focused and optimized for. Long tail technique performs off that durability that has been designed up from these head terms.

Go through your website to make sure that all the focused web pages are optimized with the appropriate Meta details as well as the appropriate content. Moreover, while you are there be sure there are a few calls to action with a variety; email or contact form.

The next phase is to begin writing content for the web page. The most convenient way to do it is by having a weblog. With this you can share your views about your niche market and not have to modify the web pages you have on your present web page. While including the blog posts you can link to the appropriate web service pages which allow developing durability among the web pages.

How To Find The Topic To Write About?

An excellent way to do this is to log into Google Analytics and choose an excellent time frame of around 12 months.

Then, navigate to: Traffic Sources > Sources > Search > Organic.

It will give you all of the key phrases that have introduced visitors to the web pages. So how do these details help us with the content? In the search box, type “?” You will discover the entire key phrase which was a query. You can also use the additional dimension function to check what web page they were going to.

The next phase is to analyze and examine the WebPages the clients are going to and check if the concerns are being responded to. If not, you have discovered the headings of your first weblog article posts.

When examining the key phrases, those that use “what” in their queries are trying to search solutions to a query. This can be linked to the previous levels of the conversion direction. By implementing re marketing techniques you can follow clients after they have remained on your web page to keep promoting web solutions. Moreover, advertising your activity on social networking website enables you to emphasize on visitors your existence and motivate them to buy when they may be further down the conversion direction.

By checking the keywords that are generating customers to the website you can recognize if there are any places which are poor or not producing more traffic as per your requirements. Yet again, including this content to the weblog will help with the durability and relevance of your overall website.

If you have an inner website search set up in Google Analytics, you will be able to look at how much connection there is among clients and the search boy of your website. If there are fewer connections with this then it basically indicates that the clients are quickly discovering the details they want. The next level then is to examine the issues that customers are writing which will provide imminent details what they are desperate for as well as bounce and involvement rates. If you can see that involvement is low within definite key phrases, you either have no content about what they are searching for, or the content you have is not working to their requirements.

Benefits In Business

You have seen how to apply a long tail technique but what are the advantages to your business?

First, by being appropriate and offering customers with the content material they are searching for, you become a key determiner within your market. The relevance will help you in the SERPs and also helps with outreach possibilities.

Secondly, as it will impact your primary point here, you are focusing on customers that are further down the conversion direction and purchasing pattern you are eventually focusing on more organization.

Third, you are launching your SEO strategy broader than a regular strategy. You will focus on alternatives as your common customers will not be using the same language you think they will use.

The long tail SEO strategy never finishes. There will always be concerns that will need to be responded to, and there will always be content material which can be included to your website pages. If you have any concern about long tail SEO or how these techniques could be used for your organization, you can take help of SEO Experts From SPINX Inc.

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Build A Relevant & Intriguing Website by Creating Strategic Content

May 6 2013 , Written by Spinx Inc. Published on #Website Design, #Website Content, #Content Strategy

Content is a vital part of a highly interactive experience to be found on a website. Often you do not realize this while going for a website design but of late content has played the most important role in solving various website related issues such as,

  • Projects that are delayed
  • Designs appearing in a broken form
  • Voices that go unheard by the visitors
  • Landing pages which perform low on the search engines
  • Dead links to the social media channels
  • Online customer service calls not up to the mark

Strategic Content Planning

In order to get optimum results, it is very important to frame a content strategy that ideally follows three very important stages of analysis, editorial and architecture.


Here the content is analyzed based on two crucial activities such as content audit and then context analysis. Analysis is taking a magnifying glass to your content situation. These two activities comprise of the overall content analysis.

Content Audit

In this particular activity, the content which exists is reviewed. Towards the end of the audit you will be able to give answers to several questions such as:

  • Type of content
  • Format of the content
  • Topics that are in place to develop content
  • Content quality
  • Structure of the content
  • Presence of redundancies, overlaps and gaps in the content

Context Analysis

This particular activity deals with the components or elements that are present around the content and which have an impact on the content in various ways. Such an activity involves giving answers to processes, users and goals.


  • What exactly is the organizational goal and why is it important?
  • In what ways will the content be able to help you achieve your targets?


  • What audiences are you aiming for and why?
  • Are the users searching for your content through mobiles, social networks or website?
  • How is your existing website content performing in terms of interactive experience?


  • In what ways do you govern, maintain or create content?
  • How will the future planning of the content shape, once it is launched?
  • What is the buzz among your competitors relating to your content?


This activity deals with the framing of the content from the user’s perspective. Herein you can determine:

  • The voice or style that would entice the users
  • Themes or topics of user interest being covered
  • The criteria or standards that you follow for making the content credible enough


It deals with deciding on content from the technical perspective wherein re-purposing, structuring and organizing the content are the primary motives. The planning starts from a simple site map. Then the metadata of the website is finalized using various taxonomies and models. In a nutshell, you govern your content management system as well as the devices, OSes and browsers in order to make them interpret how to display your content and exactly where to showcase.

How These Activities Work in a Collaborative Fashion?

After having a pretty good understanding of each and every area of a strategic content cycle, let us know how all the areas work together.

  • The three major areas of Analysis, Editorial and Architecture should be executed in a sequential manner especially keeping architectural stage for the last. This is due to the fact that time and resources do not get wasted in constructing sections of a site which are of no use. Unnecessary content stuffing could be avoided to fill the screen space. The house can only look beautiful if it has the appropriate number of relevant rooms rather than being full of rooms. So first planning should be done before actually constructing the content.
  • Once the content is planned and constructed as per the above stages, an ongoing analysis should be carried out after it is actually made live or launched. This is because the performance of the content varies from time to time due to the changing preferences and behavior of the users. So a continuous track has to be kept regarding the latest trends going into the industry, the opportunities that are tapped and problems that are being faced. After which the editorial and architecture stages come into play in addressing these issues.

There are many dedicated companies across the globe following this kind of structure among which a SPINX Inc., a web design firm in Los Angels is one well-known name.

If you have got anything more to discuss, you can add your comments for the same. Please feel free to share the article. You can also follow us on our upcoming articles.

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Things to Consider While Redesigning Your Website’s Personality

April 22 2013 , Written by Spinx Inc. Published on #Website Design, #Website Redesign, #Web Design, #Web Designer

Redesigning of a website incorporates enhanced version, creative imagination and innovation so that it can be long lasting. This is purely based on what kind of people will see and how the message can be sent across to them. The interfaces designed should not be without a personality wherein users just come, tap and click. They must act as windows for the users to interpret what the business is all about.

The personality sharing ability of a website helps the business brand to be better than their competitors and even enables them to connect with the audience in a much easier way. You might feel scary while sketching a personality for your website. But it is very important if you want your website to communicate with the audience in a human tone.

Things to Consider While Redesigning Your Website’s Personality

What Users are You Targeting?

The stepping stone of a redesigning project begins from the analysis of the kind of users which includes several details like search pattern, analytics, and demographics and lots more. The dossier which ultimately gets prepared from this is a user persona. It helps in answering the first most important question as to who are the people that the website will communicate with and what they really expect.

Benefits of Personality Redesign

The next task is to decide on the personality traits through interactive patterns, images, font types, color and more which acts as key parameters to frame a personality which,

  • Helps to get distinguished from the competitive market.
  • Strengthens memory on a long term basis due to a strong emotional connect.
  • Attracts different types of people in a different manner.
  • Becomes the most powerful channel in order to market yourself on the web.

Key Parameters of Persona Design

The key traits of a personality redesign that should be outlined are as follows:

  • Name of the company product or brand name.
  • An overview which distinguishes your brand personality from others.
  • The actual picture of the person or a celebrity that endorses your brand.
  • Qualities that describe your brand.
  • Mapping of the brand personality on a graph with X axis depicting the unfriendly to friendly transition and Y axis representing the submissive to dominant transition.
  • The website tone or voice which has to ability to communicate in either a refined or a vernacular tone effectively. Various aspects of the voice of the brand should be explored so as to fit in different situations according to different people.
  • Examples of brand personality in various different scenarios should be explored to give writers a thorough understanding about the manner of communication of the brand.
  • A visual lexicon should be drawn in order to summarize personality, visual appeal, typography and color.
  • Various methods should be described in order to engage users for an experience of a lifetime.


A design will surely stand out exceptionally in the crowd if it has the caliber to develop a response from the public which is emotionally very effective. This is absolutely very important as it enables people to recognize your brand whenever the users come across it.

Just remember to ask a few questions to yourself before actually sitting down for the personality re-design such as, “Who are you, Who are your users and What do you want to convey.” If you want to get solid answers to these questions then visit our website , www.spinxwebdesign.com, a Professional Web Design Company in Los Angeles. It provides top quality web services. Once the answers to these questions are appropriately answered, a writing style together with the design elements should be decided.

If you have got anything more to discuss, you can add your comments on the same. Please feel to comment on and share the article. You can also follow us on our upcoming articles.

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Optimize Branding, Posts & Updates on Facebook with “Edge Rank Algorithm”

April 8 2013 , Written by Spinx Inc. Published on #Facebook, #Facebook Edge Rank

Edge Rank is the Facebook criteria that choose which updates to display in every customer’s news feed. The criteria hides boring updates, so if your content doesn't count, no one will see it. The first thing users see when they log on to Facebook is the news feed. This is subject to what's been occurring lately among their affiliates on Facebook. Every action their affiliates take is what Facebook calls "Edges." That means when a buddy emails a position upgrade, feedback, labels a picture, joins a fan piece, or RSVP's to a meeting it produces an “edge”, the contents about that show up in the customer's individual news feed. It would be great if the news feed revealed all the likely experiences from your buddies. So Facebook created criteria to predict how fascinating each content can be for each member. Facebook calls these criteria “EdgeRank" because it ranks the edges. After that each member’s news feed shows up only in the resulted displays to friends.

Optimize Branding, Posts & Updates on Facebook with “Edge Rank Algorithm”

It is an algorithm that depends on three parameters:


Affinity refers to the relationship of the person discussing the material with the person who is reading the material. The more you ‘like’ opinion and discuss a page’s information, the more you are to glance upcoming modifications from that person. If you and your affiliates like a similar piece of page information, it’ll take not only your feedback into account, but those of your buddies as well.

Time Decay

Time Decay is the devaluing of a material on a web page from the time it is released. As affiliates and other people modify your material, they are forcing yours off the page. The more affiliates you have or web pages you engage in, the more updates you see. The more updates you look at, the lesser time any one upgrade will stay at or besides the optimum of your page.


Weight is essentially what type of updates are most predicted to be alongside those that like your page. These updates are in the form of:

  • Pictures, video clips & revisions
  • Hyperlinks
  • Simple text revisions

If your fans deal with it, you will be appearing on timelines for an extended period of time.

How to Utilize & Optimize Facebook Edge Rank?

There are certain ways by which an Edge Rank could be utilized & optimized for best performance such as:

  • Value the Content – Since Edge Rank applies to the rate of engagement, the more interesting your content is the more people will look at it and appreciate it.
  • Guidelines should be Followed – Breaking the guidelines has only short-term advantages. The more individuals review your piece, the more Facebook will punish your web page and the outcome will be a quick fall later on, costing you the popularity of your page.
  • A Format should be Posted – Images and podcasting confirm to interact with most customers but a connection to an interesting tale can do the job as well.
  • Maintain the Frequency of Posts – More than 90% of fans does not come back to check out the same Facebook content once appreciated. So post only that much which is required.
  • Maintain the time of Posts – You need to find out when you post produces the most action. With the Analytics PRO tool you can easily monitor the most interesting time of the week to improve your posting strategies established on past outcomes.
  • Communicate with Fans –Every time you respond to a fan not only are you gaining an authentic brand-customer relationship you are also gaining the accolades of his/her affiliates.
  • Analyze from Every Possible Angle - Evaluating, examining and improving your technique, scanning your competitors’, and trying unique methods definitely works. Understand the fact that fans' reaction can change as regularly as the Facebook algorithm criteria.

Edge Rank Impact

It thus goes without saying that for defeating the Facebook Edge Rank modifications and possibilities, your page must be completely heavy with relevant content for getting the best out of the Edge Rank System. Hearing and indulging in a conversation is an important part of this method. It is a false notion that the bigger your viewers are, the more you are ‘winning’ on the social front. Unless the viewers are interested in seeing your content, you are lagging behind the competition.

Getting such a set-up is not fast or easy, but it is likely. There are some sure-fire ways to increase connections and dedication. They include:

Pictures Uploaded– Picture updates contribute to an increase of 39% more interaction.

Sweet & Simple Updates - Facebook updates of 80% or less get connections over 27% greater than the original ones.

Fans can be Approached – Asking your fans to participate by stuffing in an empty position, or caption adding, increase comments 9 times more than the original.

Right Time for Publishing – Publish at the best possible time to make sure your site is at the optimum level of the Newsfeed. Check out the various combinations of schedules and periods to find the best possible combination for your set-up.

Posts can now be Encouraged – If dedicated viewers have to be developed using a free gift system gives way for motivated emails to increase the Edge Rank and ultimately your new viewers will be prepared and ready to join.

Summing Up
Aiming for positioning your web page with a right Edge Rank requires modifications you should be doing just like all good companies and manufacturers. Post motivating and appropriate material so that your audience will be interested in it. Click Here if you want to raise your impact on the various social media sites by designing awesome Facebook Fan Page. Give us your feedback through comments.

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Elegant But Simple Ways to Create An SEO Friendly Website

March 8 2013 Published on #Website Design

All business owners desire to advertise their business profiles, services and products in such a way that clients should be made aware of the company’s goods and services. SEO is a tool for business organizations which helps them achieve this. SEO helps to save time and to make more earnings. Why is SEO so important and why to consider SEO while you are developing a new website or redesigning an old one? Here I will discuss how to design a website that is SEO friendly. 

Before designing a web page, first decide your company’s objective. Business persons must know their business targets. You can develop a web page focusing on key phrases, think from the client’s point of view and begin a website. Always keep updating your web page with new and appropriate content and also by changing internal components. All these things can be used for SEO.

Why You Need to Consider SEO Friendly Web Page Design?

When you think of developing a web page design, you might think of a site which contains flash, attractive images and audio and video that works effectively. But these designing components may give a negative impact on your Google rankings.

Web ‘spiders’ crawl the entire website, reviewing the site for appropriate content, exact key and search phrases. When users type in these specific phrases, the most related results pages come out on top. 

  • SEO friendly web page design is the best way to exploit search engines. If Google can’t crawl your site because of your design, your website traffic will be affected.
  • The analysis says that about 51% of web traffic to every site comes from Google. So if web page design is not search engine friendly then it is losing high amount of web traffic.
  • Web page design which has an SEO friendly design is also user friendly. So make certain that you are designing a website with correct HTML code, target your key phrases throughout your content and website Meta Data, Meta Tags, use proper ALT tags for images, hyperlinks and many more, optimize your web page speed to make it more fast and easy for users to open.
  • Web pages have just 7 seconds to sell the product. It irritates users if it takes too much time to load the website and images. Use Photoshop to reduce the image size as it takes less space on a web page. You can also use HTML to re-size image. By using smaller pictures on a web page you can enhance your web page speed which is very important from a SEO point of view.
  • Social networking sites are new factors in SEO. Through different social networking websites you can set up products and promote them to different clients. Social media sites help you to connect with different customers and to communicate with them for your business. You can get more inbound hyperlinks by users’ visit to your site.

To increase your web page speed and visibility in search result pages you need to follow these useful tips. Strong bases are essential for the web page to set it top on Google. Users believe in your web page and depend on your product so make certain that you consistently upgrading your web page.

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Guidelines for Designing a Mobile Website

September 14 2012 , Written by Michael pina Published on #Website Design, #Mobile Website, #Mobile Website Design

Before initiating website designing for mobiles you need to consider some factors. Mobile website is very different as compared to a desktop website. About 20% mobile users from the 5.9 billion mobile users would like to browse the internet through their mobile devices. This has made mobile web browsing the next internet platform to expand business. Hence, you need to pay attention to every element which you add to your mobile website. To create a successful website design, it is necessary to know who your visitors are. Users want information quickly and easily. Know what users want from a website. While designing a website, you will have to be aware that the website design used on a computer browser is totally different from the mobile browsers. To create web design for a mobile device, the designer must follow the W3C design guidelines for mobile website building. Making changes in your existing website design which is suitable for mobile devices is the most suitable way of designing a mobile web site. You need to change your website layout design, website structure, etc.

You need to consider a few points before designing for a mobile device:

  • Design a website which is responding quickly. Slow loading website loses its customers. Avoid images in website background as it takes long time to load website and reduces readability.

  • Place all important information on the top of the web page, like Clear navigation and better site search option. Surfing a website on a mobile is tedious work so create a design which is convenient for your users.

  • If a user has to zoom in on the screen to see where they want to navigate to the next, then there are chances of losing your customers.

  • Various mobile devices have different screen size, so designing a website which fits any mobile screen. Reduce image size and Resize images to small screen device. Design buttons large so it's easy to read and click on it.

  • Avoid using Flash on the mobile website. It slows down your website performance.

  • Some web browsers generate problems in displaying frames and tables; don’t use frames and tables in mobile website design. The better option is to use CSS instead of table and it’s easily loaded.

  • It's necessary that your website should be readable even on small screen mobile device. Hence, use a big and simple font that looks prominent.

  • Using unnecessary graphics on the website is useless. If you have any graphics which is unnecessary and useless then remove it.Just add simple and plain designs on your website.

  • Forms can be challenging to use on mobile phones. Entering text is tedious, offer your customers to use radio buttons and list box options, which they can select depending on what they need.

  • Not all browsers support plugins and extensions, design a website which doesn’t need any plugins and extension to display.

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